Stop Hocking, Start Hosting

This Pesach, don't just talk about the shidduch crisis. Solve it by hosting single shidduch-aged young men at your hotel or resort

Bringing The Guys To The Girls

Red Sea Singles was founded with a single mission in mind. To help single shidduch-ages girls meet great guys in the casual, no-pressure setting Pesach retreats.

Let the perennial question "where are all the good guys?" be answered at YOUR Pesach Destination.

It's A Simple Process:

1. Choose

Fit for any crowd, our singles range from full-time learners to full-time earners and are of all ages. 

2. Vet

Receive the boy’s shidduch resume & conduct a live zoom interview.

3. Match

Host and arrange appropriate encounters between eligible  boys and girls at your hotel or resort.

4. Receive

Leave Pesach with the satisfaction and schar of building klal yisroel.

We have singles of all ages, and as the host, you get to decide what age fits your crowd’s needs

At minimum, a host must provide comfortable accommodations for Pesach. All amenities after accommodations are based on the individual agreement of the host and guests. 

While we don’t charge for our services, we hope to receive a portion of the shadchanus when couples get married. 

While we may be able to help facilitate resources after a given retreat is over, we advise all of our hosts to designate at least one on-site Shadchan to oversee the singles as they get-together.

 No. Unfortunately, our scope is limited to shidduchim, however, all of our singles are at will to agree with the hosts to any additional compensated work.

Generally, we advise our single boys to only sign up if they are open and prepared to meet like-minded girls without doing prior research on them. (Speed-dating weekend events may be in store for RSS, so stay tuned!)

Leisure Activities

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